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Some things to know:

1) It does not matter if you have few or many songs to distribute, or few or many composition to be claimed

MusicYes can help you as we focus mostly on indipendent, unsigned operators and indipendent labels. 

2) It is mandatory that you have the full legal rights on your content or compositions worldwide or in certain

specific territories. That means that you are able to produce legal proofs of your ownership by request. 

3) You need to have an ID (passport, driver's licence, ID card) as well as a bank account or a Paypal account

under the same name of the account requesting person.

4) Both individual or Companies can apply.

5) If you want to migrate from another service to us make sure your music is removed (takedown) from them

first before uploading the same release in our system.

6) We distribute songs. A songs is a music asset containing a vocal part on a musical part, one short

instrumental intermezzo in an album it is acceptable, a single or an album of instrumentals is not.

A short spoken part between two songs it is accepted, a spoken word album or single it is not.

Your music must be unique, defined and clearly identifiable as a "song". 

7) If you sample third party music or speech you must produce the proper license and commercial permission

to use to distribute it.

Which means that you can definitely sell your music if you obtained the legal papers from the sample owner

differently, you can't.

8) You can't upload music that contains samples, or parts obtained by free library providers.

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