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MusicYes is a company from London, United Kingdom, with branches and representatives in

South East Asia and United States.

The service was born at the end of 2012 in order to migrate our own publishing catalog from the physical

supports to the digital era, so we created this structure to meet our needs first with the goal to be fully in

control of our content, and since this had been a positive experience we offered access to digital distribution

to Partners, too, expanding  MusicYes to what is it nowadays,a global digital music distributor that serves

thousands of selected and satisfied members worldwide. 

Both Companies and Individuals can join MusicYes.

Being now the end of 2021 we are in business since almost seven years and we have an excellent

reputation and performance in the Industry.

MusicYes is powered by a constantly updated and powerful system that allows you to operate in

your content in realtime.

We have complete reports that include all the data that you need for your business.

We pay with sheer precision worldwide every month and our customer service has no rivals.

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