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01. About

MusicYes | Digital Music Distribution since 2016

Message from the Founder

From its launch in London, UK in November 2016, MusicYes changed the scenario of the digital music enabling the indie operators to be digitally distributed.

MusicYes earned itself a an upright reputation thanks to a proven performance record, excellence, strong and defined attitude, being the one that distributes one Music Industry hit after another, and being the one always protecting the small operator's legal rights at any cost, meanwhile sharing unbiased knowledge to them and everything they need to know to run their business professionally and with international standards.

MusicYes empowered the Indies, the small music business operators with the access to digital music and they have become the Leaders of the Industry. Their music reached the tops of the national and international relevance. We have been unstoppable and blessed with an incredible success. This is the power of Indie, the power of Freedom.

MusicYes believes that technology it is fundamental, so it is powered by the most powerful and robust system which is reach-able by this website from anywhere, enabling you to operate in your content in realtime. The reporting sections include all the granular, clear and exaustive data that you need for a complete analysis of your operations. Payments reach our members with sheer precision worldwide on a monthly basis and our customer service has no rivals. I therefore invite you to look no further and join MusicYes, and i wish you the best of the success with your Music.

Riccardo Mazzoni

Founder and CEO ”Riccardo

Briefly, what MusicYes

Can do for you?

Global Distribution including China
Tik Tok and Resso distribution and monetization
YouTube Content-ID and YouTube optimization and monetization
Meta (Ex Facebook) distribution and Monetization



Songs Distributed

04. Services

Tik Tok / Resso

The most popular app in the world right now

Get paid for the usage if someone uses your music in a Tik Tok video or it triggers their advertising, get paid for streaming your music in Resso.

By simply uploading your release into MusicYes system, you can select the segment (up to 60 second) that you want to send to Tik Tok, directly cutting your song part from MusicYes system.

The release will be fully available for streaming in Resso, too, as well as available sound in TikTok.

Everytime someone uses your song part and get played, you receive usage payment, as well as if before, after or as first pop up when someone fires up the app there is your song you get paid a share profit on the advertising.

That means that you can obtain an unexpected revenue if your song is popular in the platform and everybody makes TikTok with it, and this also contributes very much for the traffic in YouTube and other streaming platforms as well, therefore you can't miss to be properly distributed in TikTok.

By uploading your release in TikTok you will claim also other uploaded sounds in case that they match with yours, as TikTok has a system similar to YouTube Content-ID therefore it can recognize uploaded sounds matching with yours and attribute them to your ownership.

That is another reason why you should have your release properly placed in TikTok, to avoid that someone misuses your own music.

Join MusicYes.

YouTube Content ID / YouTube Music

The best solution for YouTube professional music

You can decide to connect or not your YouTube channel to our network, if your channel has at least 50% of music video content that you own or license worldwide and the rest can be formed by BTS, enterviews or content non-music but related strichtly to your music video, the channel may be eligible to be connected to our Content ID CMS.

The advantage is that our AI powered system and our team can optimize your videos and you can eventually reach more views, more traffic, more subscribers, more interaction and so more popularity and revenue.

Differently, you can choose to whitelist your channel and claim the user generated content and the reuploads in YouTube which would contain your music. Once you upload your release in YouTube, it is sent to YouTube Content ID and YouTube Music, too, which is their service for streaming music, and it is very popular, especially in Asia.

YouTube may unleash a tremendous potential for your popularity and it is still the main source of revenue, but you must be carefully comply to the YouTube stricht rules and regulation if you want to be successful in YouTube.

That is why you have to work with the best professional worldwide for YouTube, which is MusicYes. Our Team worldwide is fully certified as well as the founder and CEO of MusicYes Riccardo Mazzoni is one of the maximum authorities for its knowledge of YouTube Content-ID.

MusicYes manages thousands of successfull YouTube music channels and can assist any channel connected to its Content-ID CMS agaist issues such as third party claims, copyright strikes, de-monetization.

If you want to win in YouTube, join MusicYes.

Join MusicYes.

Meta (Facebook)

Monetize the Metaverse

Facebook is moving to Meta and we can't be more excited than this to offer you the acces to music monetization in the Metaverse.

At This present moment Facebook is monetized in the majority of the world but not in all the world, for example big south east asian countries are still not available.

Where the music it is monetized, it is paid by usage by sending the release to Meta and then it can be used for example to create Reels which may support paid advertising where available.

You can also upload your videoclip and send it to Meta directly, and if you have your own curated fanpage, it will be automatically displayed there and monetized accordingly their terms and conditions.Meta is incredibly powerful to popularize your songs and video and works beautifully as center of promotion, especially Instagram, coupled with TikTok to receive views and revenue in YouTube.

If your YouTube channel is connected to our CMS, then the videoclips will be automatically sent to your Fanpage, too, all you have to do is to upload your release in Musicyes and your video in YouTube.

Join MusicYes.

Distribute Worldwide

Over 40 DSPs to distribute your music.

MusicYes distributes your music everywhere!

In our upload section you will find the icon and a complete explaination of what a specific Digital Music Outlets does and what the requirements are.

In general for our experience the biggest is without any doubt Spotify, which is full of amazing features for the real music lovers.

You can't miss Apple Music, too, which in certain Central Asian Countries is a must and it is battling for the supremacy with Spotify in United States, where it is among the top revenue generating DSPs.

Another reality is Amazon, their music service is definitely relevant.

In China and Asian Countries we have their specific DSPs that you have to consider if you want to popularize your music in their territories, because they use mostly their own application to listen to the music.

In general, you want it? MusicYes has it.

Any of the DSPs we work with has it is own purpouse and sense, therefore if you are new and confused about this big digital world and you need information, just drop us a line, we will help you with the best stragegy for you.

MusicYes helped emerging markets to become a defined reality in the digital music thanks to the knowledge of the global relevancy and importance of any single operator we work with.

Join MusicYes.

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