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01. About

About MusicYes

We are different

MusicYes was established in London, United Kingdom, in November 2016. From the start, we had a clear mission and vision: to offer an independent digital music distribution different from anybody else. Over the years this concept evolved into a powerful and technologically ahead system. If you want to work with experts who care about your music and can place it the right way, look no further. Get amazed by learning what we can do for you, and how we do it, join us to embrace freedom and transparency as other thousands of satisfied partners worldwide. It's time to make some noise.

Why Choose


Indipendent And we will always be.

Estabilished 7 years active and growing.

Technology Advanced technology

Experience 25 years in the music Industry.

Reliability Never miss a payment.

Briefly, what MusicYes

Excels In?

Global Distribution including China and new markets
Tik Tok and Resso Distribution and Monetization
YouTube Content-ID, YouTube Optimization, YouTube Monetization
Meta (Ex Facebook) Distribution and Monetization (ex. Reels)

These are the


Song Distributed

02. YouTube


Meet the YouTube Music Gurus

When it comes to YouTube, we are certainly the experts. We are certified YouTube operators since the end of 2016, and over the years we faced and solved any possible situation that can happen when Music is distributed to YouTube. Therefore our experience in the YouTube Content-ID is tangible and proven and we can assist you properly in case of issues such as and not limited to ownership conflicts, takedowns, and de-monetization. Delivering your music to YouTube Content-ID is essential to manage your rights and monetizing your assets. Our deal with YouTube includes YouTube Music and YouTube Licensing to claim the rights of songwriters, authors, and composers, too.

Connect your YouTube Music Channel to

Our Network

If you have a specific YouTube channel dedicated to Music, artist or record label YouTube music channel, you will receive great benefits by connecting it to our Content Management System. By doing so your YouTube channel will be powered up with YouTube Content-ID features and monetization.Matching policies can be applied to your videos to optimize their monetization and claim re-uploads. We can support you in the optimization of your videos, as a YouTube SEO experts, we know how to skyrocket your revenue to its maximum and rank them properly for your fans to be able to reach you much better. At registration, or anytime you can request an invitation for your channel to join MusicYes.

Our Technology for

YouTube Music Channels

At MusicYes we developed a unique technology at the service of YouTube Music Channels. You may hear about services that help you to optimize your videos, right? Well, services like theirs do require you to spend money to access "premium" but "necessary" features. So, if you do not shell out 50 or more dollars per month, you won't be able to access certain important functions to optimize your videos yourself. At MusicYes we solved those problems. Even if you may want to learn YouTube optimization and YouTube SEO one day, as a Musician Artist or Label you definitely may want to put the effort in put out the best song and the best video clips ever. Leave the rest to us, we have a proprietary AI system that analyzes your video and based on certain parameters automatically and periodically updates titles, descriptions, hashtags, and keywords with the best and trending data for you. You do not need to spend money, you do not need a big team, and you do not need to headache, we do it for you. The result is a massive increase in organic specialized traffic to your video clips. People that will interact with you and become your new fans. This is something that does not exist anywhere else. All you need to do is connect your YouTube channel and if you want it, this feature is available for you.

Other service for your

YouTube Channel

Further services are available to you from your MusicYes dashboard. First of all, you can create and manage playlists in a few clicks and those playlists are automatically updated, too. All you need to do is to select parameters such as "Genre" and/or "Artist", for example, and the playlists and the system will do all the rest populating and organizing your YouTube playlists. We also have automatic compilation tool creation. With this tool, you can pick your songs automatically, again based on certain parameters such as "Artist" or "Genre" and more, add your artwork and just download the created compilation. Compilations are a great way to increase your traffic on YouTube, but they are complicated to be created, you need software or to subscribe to some online system, spend time and money, hire someone or do the work yourself. MusicYes ease this process making it easy, fast, and fun. Again, save your money and time and focus on what matters to you, which is creating the next music hit and making your music venture profitable.

03. Promotion

04. Services

Digital Music Outlets

Distribute your Music

Currently MusicYes distributes your music to 63 digital music outlets. The main are YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook (Reels and Video), Tik Tok and Resso. We are specialist in Asian Territories with Yoox that well covers South East Asia and the whole package of Chinese Digital Music Outlet as China is an expanding market that you can't miss. New technologies in video streaming that offer a great source of revenue are for example the new deal with Sharevidio, the highly monetizing new music video platform. The list is constantly updated and as we own an in-house data supply chain, once a release is approved it is fast alive in the digital music outlets.

MusicYes Share Profit System

Let's talk seriously!

Here you are in detail the new MusicYes fees and conditions valid from the 15th of January 2023:

Standard share profit scheme 75% paid back to Partners, 25% cut retained by MusicYes.

Additionally, for the Partners that meet the following 5 criteria:

1) YouTube's official channel is connected to the MusicYes CMS and monetized.
2) All the releases are uploaded in the MusicYes system and delivered to all the DSPs.
3) There are no reference overlaps, ownership conflicts, and no third-party claims or strikes on the YouTube Channel.
4) The Partner does not have any pending payments to MusicYes such as advances or liabilities towards MusicYes.
5) The Partner exclusively distributes the content trought MusicYes.

100 USD Waiver

MusicYes does not cut anything from the first 100 USD of revenue

Standard fee
From 100 to 5000 USD per month MusicYes cut and earns 25% of the revenue and pays back 75% of the difference to the Partner.

Reduced fee
From the following 5000 to 15000 USD per month MusicYes cut and earns 15% of the revenue and pays back 85% of the difference to the Partner.

Top Player Fee
From the following 15000 USD MusicYes cut and earns 10% of the revenue and pays back 90% of the difference to the Partner.

Royalty / Stock

Aesthetic is a decision

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Terms and Conditions

Download and read the terms and conditions of MusicYes.

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