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01. About

About MusicYes

We are different

Established in November 2016, MusicYes embarked on a journey with a clear vision:

To reshape the landscape of independent digital music distribution. Today, we pride ourselves on a state-of-the-art system that stands out in the industry.

If you are seeking a dedicated team who genuinely values your music and understands its optimal positioning, you have come to the right place.

Explore the difference we can make, and consider joining our expansive network of global partners. Together, we champion transparency and freedom in music.

It's time to make some noise.

Why Choose


Indipendent And we always will.

Estabilished Founded in 2016, we've been on a consistent growth trajectory.

Technology Cutting-edge tech is at the heart of what we do.

Experience Backed by a rich legacy of 25 years in the music industry.

Reliability We pride ourselves on our impeccable payment track record.

Briefly, what MusicYes

Excels In?

Global Reach: Distributing your music across the world, including emerging markets and China.
Digital Platforms: Ensuring your presence and monetization on TikTok as well.
YouTube Services: From Content-ID and optimization to effective monetization.
Meta Services: Distribute and monetize on Meta platforms, formerly known as Facebook, including features like Reels.

These are the


Song Distributed

02. YouTube


Your YouTube Music Experts

We've been certified YouTube operators since 2016, mastering all facets of music distribution on the platform.

Our expertise covers the intricacies of YouTube Content-ID, from managing ownership disputes to handling monetization challenges.

Distributing your music via Content-ID is vital for rights protection and revenue generation.

Plus, our collaboration with YouTube extends to YouTube Music and licensing, safeguarding rights for songwriters, authors, and composers alike.

Connect your YouTube Music Channel to

Our Network

If you run a music-focused YouTube channel, whether for an artist or a label, connect it to our Content Management System for enhanced benefits.

This integration equips your channel with advanced YouTube Content-ID features, ensuring optimal monetization.

We'll help implement matching policies, optimizing revenue from your videos and addressing re-uploads.

As experts in YouTube SEO, we'll also elevate your video rankings, making it easier for fans to find you.

Whether you're just registering or have been with us for a while, you can always invite your channel to be part of MusicYes.

Elevate Your YouTube Music Channels

With MusicYes

You might be familiar with services offering video optimization. Often, these come with hidden costs, pushing you to pay a premium for essential features. With MusicYes, things are different.

As an artist or label, your focus should be on producing exceptional music and captivating video clips. Let us handle the optimization. Our proprietary AI system continuously analyzes your videos and updates titles, descriptions, hashtags, and keywords with trending data.

You won't need to spend extra, hire a large team, or stress over the details. Our technology ensures a surge in organic, relevant traffic to your videos, helping you gain and engage new fans.

This unparalleled offering is unique to MusicYes. Simply connect your YouTube channel and let our AI-driven feature work wonders for you.

Enchanced Services For Your

YouTube Channel with MusicYes

With the MusicYes dashboard, harness advanced features to amplify your YouTube presence:

  • Channel Backup: Preserve videos, subtitles, and thumbnails at full resolution.
  • Playlist Automation: Set criteria like "Genre" or "Artist", and we auto-organize your playlists.
  • Karaoke Versions: Transform videos into interactive sing-alongs.
  • Quick Compilations: Generate custom song compilations effortlessly.

Focus on your music while MusicYes manages the nuances, making your journey smoother and rewarding.

03. Promotion

04. Services

Broaden Your Musical Reach

With MusicYes

MusicYes currently extends your music to a dynamic mix of 63 digital platforms. Among these, key players include YouTube, YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook (for Reels and Videos), TikTok, and Resso. We also pride ourselves on our specialization in the Asian markets, leveraging Yoox to cover Southeast Asia, as well as an extensive range of Chinese digital music platforms, tapping into the burgeoning Chinese market.

Our list of platforms is ever-evolving, and thanks to our efficient in-house data supply chain, once your release gets the green light, it swiftly goes live across all our partnered outlets.

MusicYes Profit Sharing System

An In-Depth Look

Effective from January 15th, 2023, MusicYes introduces a revamped fee structure, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement for our partners:

Standard Profit Sharing:

  • Partners receive 75% of the earnings.
  • MusicYes retains 25%.

For partners meeting the criteria below, additional benefits apply:

  • Their official YouTube channel is linked with the MusicYes CMS and monetized.
  • All their releases are registered in the MusicYes system and shared with all DSPs.
  • Their YouTube Channel is free of reference overlaps, ownership disputes, third-party claims, or strikes.
  • They have no outstanding payments to MusicYes, including advances or other liabilities.
  • They distribute content exclusively through MusicYes.

Earning Tiers and Rates:

  • First $100 Waiver: The initial $100 earned is entirely yours, with MusicYes taking no cut.
  • Standard Tier: For monthly earnings between $100 to $5,000:
    • MusicYes's share: 25%
    • Partner's share: 75%
  • Advanced Tier: For monthly earnings ranging from $5,001 to $15,000:
    • MusicYes's share: 15%
    • Partner's share: 85%
  • Elite Tier: For monthly earnings exceeding $15,000:
    • MusicYes's share: 10%
    • Partner's share: 90%

Royalty / Stock

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Terms and Conditions

Download and read the terms and conditions of MusicYes.

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