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Composers can claims their digital rights in YouTube and other digital music outlets that we have a licensing agreement with.

The rights a composer can clams are basically four, and they are:

1) Syncronization 

Royalties generated when there is usage of your music which is syncronized with audio-visual images on film, videoclips etc.

For example one of the typical rights that you can claim in YouTube as songwriter is the syncronization right because there is a video that streams music that you composed.

2) Performance

These royalties come from blanket license fees paid to Performing Rights Organizations by businesses who broadcast music (e.g. radio / TV stations, live venues, restaurants).

3) Mechanical

Mechanical royalties are royalties that are generated each time a musical composition is reproduced, via on-demand streaming or download-to-own services.

4) Printing 

When your music notation or lyrics are displayed via streaming or download-to-own services, you are entitled for Printing rights. Some services call them Lyric rights, but the correct name, from old school publishing nomination is Printing rights.

We are able to claim all composer rights worldwide, in 249 territories or Countries.

If you are a composer and your current provider covers actually certain territories, you can claim the remaining territories with MusicYes to be worldwide supported. 

It is possible also to claim your percentage of composition, for example if a song is written by 2 composers you and someone else, and the other person claims his 50% (or different percentage) rightful amount, then you can use MusicYes services to claim the remaining part on your behalf.

Composers can request to claim their digital rights by joining MusicYes and click "request process composition" during the release upload.

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